My Fees

 My fee is $100 per 50 minute counseling session, but I offer a sliding scale from $80.00-$100.00 to make counseling more affordable. You may utilize the sliding scale if you feel based off your income, circumstance, life stage, or household size you could benefit from a lower fee. When reaching out about a new client appointment please let me know if you would like use the sliding scale and what rate you can afford from $80-$100. I can also send you a "Superbill" which is a statement showing you attended and paid for session. You can turn this into your insurance company and sometimes they will reimburse you for out of network benefits.  I also take Health Savings Account or other similar spending cards to pay for sessions. I am happy to visit about fees or any questions you may have.  Email me through the book appointment link and we can set up a free 10 minute phone consultation to see how I can help. 

I also have a limited number of scholarships for clients who based off their income, stage of life, circumstances, household size, etc feel they could benefit from a fee lower than $80. Please ask about my scholarships when you make your appointment. *Currently all of my scholarship spots are filled but you can ask to be put on the waitlist* 

Insurance Information

I currently do not accept insurance because of the restrictions that may apply to your care, as a result of insurance company requirements.

I can provide a billable medical receipt for you to submit as an out-of-network provider, if you choose to utilize insurance. There are some important facts to know about mental health insurance:

  1. Insurance companies require a diagnosis to pay for services. Many counseling issues do not warrant a full mental health diagnosis. For example, insurance companies rarely cover couples or marriage counseling. If you are in counseling because of a difficult life issue, you may not meet criteria for a diagnosis.

  2. Insurance companies often determine the type of treatment and number of session that will be allowed. If you are more comfortable with a different type of treatment or different pace for sessions, the insurance company will not continue to cover the sessions.

  3. If insurance pays for treatment, the insurance company may view all therapy notes at anytime. Your personal information becomes a permanent record that can be viewed by auditors.


I do my best to provide affordable care options so that you can make an informed choice.